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- Dann geht es los; vor dem Mikro, am Keyboard und mit befreundeten Musikern.

Sound Studio Lugnet (die Ruhe)

Stimme und Musik Produktion Mitten in den brandenburgischen Kiefernwäldern ...
Voice and music in the middle of the forrest of Land Brandenburg, near Berlin ...

Project "Tom Beyond"

Tom Beyond likes to experiment making music, mostly with some beat. So far no one managed to get a photo of him ... Listen to his music on Soundcloud (samples). Link to Soundcloud

Project "2022 Wake Up!"

The project "2022 Wake Up!" has a message to the world and puts that into discopop and dance, mostly assisted by Tom Beyond and his musician friends.

2022 Wake Up! will release it´s first record in 2015 ("Army of ReJoicers") and is very proud of their first (potential) hit called ReJoicers (featuring Melody F).

Please like and follow us on Facebook, where you find the song text and such information. Link to 2022 WakeUp! on Facebook

2022 WakeUp! feat Melody F - ReJoicers (Tom Beyond RadioEdit)

2022 WakeUp! feat Melody F - ReJoicers (Tom Beyond VocalDisseRmx)

Oh, the message:

Discopop and Dance for Humanity´s wake up in the year 2022. Get ready for the next level. Link to 2022 WakeUp! on Facebook

Project "Grey Swami"

Grey Swami can sometimes be deeeeep ... so he speaks and gets Tom Beyond to put some soundscapes to the spoken words. Strangely enough, no one managed to get a photo of the Grey Swami either ... See / hear Soundcloud (link below) for samples.

Soundcloud to listen to some more of our music

Link to Soundcloud

Tec info on the studio

Einfache und qualitativ hochwertige Home-Studio.

So kann ich einige Aufträge sofort umsetzen.

  • Sprecherkabine ^ cabine
  • RODE NT2000 / Grossmembran-Kondensatormikrofon ^ large diaphragm condenser studio microphone
  • beyerdynamic DT331 / Kopfhörer ^ head phones
  • KRK Rokit Monitors
  • FOCUSRITE Saffire MicAmp und Wandler.
  • Software: u.a. Presonus Studio ONE, Wavelab.


Kooperation mit verschiedenen Studios in und um Berlin wenn andere technische Standards gefordert sind (z.B. APT-X, Music Taxi).